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Ask Ms. Townsend – April 2014

(Each month Ms. Townsend will answer questions which have been asked by members of our congregation or respond to issues that come up in general conversation.)

Dear Ms. Townsend,

Is the Bible the true Word of God? If so, then what about all those other religions with their “Bibles” like The Book of Mormon or the Koran?
Seeking an Answer

Dear Seeking,

First of all, Christians do not have to defend the Bible as the Word of God because the Gospel of John tells us that Jesus Christ is the true Word (in Greek, “Logos”) spoken by God. (Look at John 1:1-18.) Despite the actions of some Christians, the Bible is not simply a tool to prove everyone else wrong. It is not a weapon to “beat up ”the non-believer or even the heretic. ln fact, Luther writes that “Scripture is the cradle in which the Christ child is laid.”

So, how do we know that Jesus is God`s Word? Because everything reported in the Bible that Christ did points to God and Jesus’ Resurrection authenticates our Christian faith. Without the Resurrection our faith would be an empty shell without God’s promises. The Christian faith would then be reduced to simply a moral way to live.

Sometimes this is difficult to understand when we think the Bible is ambiguous about certain “earthly” issues. Yes, Christians for centuries have interpreted portions of the Bible in different ways. But the central point of faith is our understanding of the Trinity. That God the Father created all and sent God the Son, Jesus Christ, to take the form of man and be killed for our transgressions, and that God the Holy Spirit dwells with us in our sojourn on this earth.

Blessings to you,
Ms. Townsend

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