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Pastor’s Letter – April 2014

Dear Friends in Christ, our Church family,

By far, The Resurrection of Our Lord (commonly called Easter) is the most important commemorative celebration among Christians. lt is more important than Christmas because God could have chosen to send Christ into the world in another way. But the Easter event – Christ’s Resurrection is the way God chose – to save us and give us the promise of Eternal Life.

The forty day preparation for this Holy Day (holiday) is coming to a close. Some Christians have fasted or given something up to remind them of the sacrifice that our Lord has made for them. None of us has heard the words of forgiveness following the confession of our sins. Now we look forward to April 20 when we will gather together in celebration.

None ofJesus’ followers ever expected to see Him again following the crucifixion. Each of the four Gospels show Jesus’ followers as scoffers. Note that none of them believed in Jesus’ Resurrection until they were hit between the eyes with it. They had the report of the women who saw the empty tomb. They surmised that Jesus’ body had been stolen and they would be blamed. They possibly thought that those who killed Jesus would be coming after them as well. Nothing like this had ever happened, and Jesus’ followers were not prepared for the consequences, so they huddled in fear behind closed doors, ultimately to discover the truth.

What does this mean for us? That everything in our Christian life depends on the resurrection. lt means that when we consider the deaths of our loved ones, as well as our own, that we may safely trust God just as Jesus trusted Him and He will give us the promise of eternal life.

Yours in Christ’s service,
Pastor David Mielke

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